MobileTest Automation

Mobile technology is the fastest trending technology due to sustained penetration of mobiles and tablets in the customer and enterprise market. Whether you are planning to release a mobile version of your web based product, or planning to release a mobile app, testing of such apps require special planning, skills, devices and automation tools. Mobile application testing require frequent testing, test with different data sets, and over multiple mobile platforms & hardware.

Our team of mobile test automation engineers have proven experience in developing automation frameworks and automating the regression tests. Using modular and data-driven approaches, iFactory’s test teams have developed application independent and customizable test automation frameworks which help to produce robust test automation solutions.

Our mobile test automation services include:

  • Test automation consulting and feasibility assessment
  • Test scoping and planning
  • Test automation framework and test development
  • Test execution and maintenance

Our test teams have expertise in the following test automation tools

  • Open source: Appium, Robotium, UI Automator
  • Commercial: Silk test mobile
  • Applications: Native, Web, Hybrid apps