Framework and Test Development

The key drivers to the success of the test automation projects are proper planning with clearly defined test automation objectives and support from efficient test automation frameworks. Our experienced test automation team at iFactory can help customer build robust automation solutions from concept to execution.

Our framework and Test development services includes:

  • Automation consulting to help define automation objectives, Test scoping
  • Feasibility assessment to identify the ‘Best-fit’ automation tool for your application
  • Test planning
  • Automated test framework development/customization
  • Automated Test development
  • Training
  • Implementation of industry best practices and coding standards

Most of the test automation tools merely provide API/tools to simulate user interactions and basic verification mechanism. A set of concepts, tools, and practices must be built around the test automation tools to create a robust and reliable test automation solution.

A well designed test automation framework provides automation engineers the ability to develop tests easily and with minimal test maintenance.

With insightful understanding and experience, iFactory teams in Centre of Excellence of test automation have developed reusable test automation frameworks for most popular test automation tools by using modular and data-driven approaches.

These frameworks are application agnostic and meet most common challenges encountered in test automation efforts.

iFactory test teams automate tests using such frameworks and adhere to industry best practices related to coding and design.

Scripts are designed to execute faster and reliably with minimal or no manual intervention.

Advantage of iFactory’s test automation framework

  • “Plug-in and use” with minimal configuration
  • Easy to read and normal English like tests
  • Built on modular and data-driven approaches for better re-usability of automation code
  • Can be configured to execute tests on multiple machines simultaneously or on cloud
  • One-point test maintenance
  • Efficient test reporting and logging
  • Integration with continuous integration systems

Our expertise with test automation tools:

  • Commercial Tools: HP QTP, Microsoft Coded UI, Test Complete, Ranorex
  • Open Source Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Watir, Cucumber, FitNesse, Protractor