Automated Test Execution and Maintenance

Facing the fierce competition from market while meeting customers demand is always a challenging task, on top of which, there is a constant need to maintain quality of the application, delivered in focused & frequent releases. As product teams release builds frequently, complexity of testing them with excellent test coverage on multiple test platforms increases with each subsequent release. Developing automated tests for a good portion of your testing activities is an efficient test strategy and executing these tests either by your Continuous Integration systems or manually can significantly reduce your test cycle time.

The challenge of automated test execution lies in interpreting the reports generated after automated test execution. Reviewing these reports require good understanding of the application, as well as test framework developed. Test failures occur either due to defects in the application or defects in the automated test scripts. Also, some of the tests may become obsolete as the application changes with the introduction of new features. To avoid such obsolescence, constant maintenance of the test scripts is required in order to produce reliable test results.

Our test automation team can execute automated tests developed by your team using any one of the automation tools, carefully analyse the reports and isolate the failures. These automated tests can be executed on multiple machines or on cloud to further reduce the execution time and to improve the test efficiency. With our proven expertise, we can recommend improvements to your test frameworks, as well as take care of your test automation suite maintenance.

Our Test execution and maintenance services include:

  • Automated test execution at iFactory labs
  • Test results analysis and bug reporting
  • Maintenance of existing automated tests and framework
  • Developing new automated tests for enhanced/new functional areas