iFactory is an outsourced product development company deliver lofting quality, cost effective and reliable software development services.

Companies with small to large sized are confronted to develop products with high quality. New features are releasing to beat the competition. Customization is being ahead for various countries, technologies and customers. Achievement will be done while keep operating at low cost with low risk.

iFactory has gained solid experience in product development for several reputed names of industry. We have proven delivery models to assure for product companies. Leading outsourced product development, we split up into various parts to progress in a precise way.

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Product Realization
  • New product development
  • Build and release management
  • Architecture development
  • Design and development
  • Testing
  • Deliverance of the product
  • Maintenance
  • Extensions and Re-engineering
  • Migration and Transition

The enterprise value chain is moved up with the outsourcing strategies. Efficiency, speed and expertise are the value proposition which is the core benefit reaped beyond mere economic advantages. Understanding is the key to deal with software-development competencies for payments, financial services where cost and speed matters the most. The knowledge extends to understanding of domain, solid technical skills hich broaden to sundry talents starting from architecture design to development, business requirement analysis, testing and maintenance.


We at iFactory provide Product Implementation service which is a structured approach framed to integrate software based service or component into the workflow of an organizational structure. Product installation is different from Product implementation.

Product Installation is a platform which provides standard tools for updating and extending product solutions. Product implementation is a system which brings to us a specific hardware or software security product. We justify that installation is a pinch of implementation which is cohesive in nature.


Implementation Process

Post – Launch Management

  • Competency Development
  • Performance Mapping
  • Reinforcement
  • Change Monitoring
  • Updated PLC
  • Installation

Active Implementation

  • Frame/ Re-Frame Definition for Implementation
  • Assemble Premature Project Infrastructure
  • Plan Implementation Deliverables
  • Accelerate Implementation Methodology



Organizations are using technology-based business approach to originate aggressive benefit. iFactory Solutions indulge in integration services to implement practical model to build professional infrastructure which helps for clients to address critical business needs.

Application development relies in tools, technology and technical architectures to meet business needs. Many organizations are ruthless to improve their development process to meet the demand in short timeframe for critical business applications.

iFactory Solutions integration service offer end-to-end consulting and deliverance proficiency. We enable clients to drive innovation, expand into new marketplace and to trim down the overall costs.

iFactory Solutions integration enhance to RFID, Biometric, GPS, GPRS.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a latest powerful technology which is a combination of business process innovation and organization design. These are the potential to streamline supply chain operations, add significant value to your business and transform entire industry supply chains.
Developing applications to work with an evolving environment of standards, heterogeneous hardware and enterprise system is a difficult thing. The details of RFID integration effort help finding themselves abstracted from business application. RFID innovative solution is the most fortunate one to tackle standards, hardware controllers and enterprise systems which facilitate integrators to focus on the business they know best.

Biometrics technology incorporates hand geometry, iris recognition, voice recognition, vascular pattern recognition and fingerprint recognition. Among these fingerprint recognition is the most popular with common peoples and used at various places. Biometric are unique to each individual and so it can be used independently for single-factor authentication or in combination with an access control card.

While biometrics systems are often used for security purposes, they also are being used to provide a convenience for certain business and home applications in future.
Biometrics is quite frequently used for protection purpose. They are also being used to provide handiness for some firm business and home applications. The program is specially designed in the way of collecting the biological data. The data collected are then analysed to retract the statistics.
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites which gives you the location and information about the weather on anywhere of the earth. GPS uses between 24 and 32 medium earth orbit satellites which broadcast precise microwave signals. This GPS enables to find the location, time and velocity.

GPS Integration technique
Three types of integration techniques are used in GPS. These can in either interact or integrate with GIS.

  • Data-focused integration
  • Position-focused integration
  • Technology-focused integration

The appropriateness on these methods varies upon the requirement that a user has with field-based operation, level of dependence, the availability of a complete system to meet the needs with the system.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) – a packet oriented mobile data service on cellular system of 2G and 3G. The usage of GPRS is based on the volume of data that is charges. It is a wireless communication runs at a speed of 115KB/sec and enables to transfer data more rapidly.

GPRS determines the speed at which data is transferred based on the class type. The class number is referred as number of timeslots available to upload/download the data. The timeslots are used in addition with the slot. The greater the number of slots clearly refers the transfer speed is high. GPRS transmit data in packet and so timeslots are not in use all time.

  • Class 2
  • Class 4
  • Class 6
  • Class 8
  • Class 10
  • Class 12

Among these classes, the higher number of class has maximum data transfer speed and slots. This obviously shows higher class has faster data transfer rate.

Technology Consulting

  • ERP Migration
  • Database Consulting
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Solution Architecture
  • Architecture-Led Engineering