Web Application Penetration Testing

Increasing reliance on the web and explosive growth of web applications raises the risk of leaving a back-door open to a broad range of attacks and vulnerabilities. In the event of a successful attack, organization’s information security & reputation are at stake, recovering from which can be a long and painstaking process and often irreversible.

Our comprehensive web application penetration testing services covers the full spectrum of penetration testing capabilities – from Information Gathering and Vulnerability Assessment to Exploitation and Result Analysis/Reporting to assess the effectiveness of an application’s security, evaluate and highlight the exploitable vulnerabilities that could compromise the entire system. Our penetration testing practices encompass web applications, ERP systems, Web services, and a whole host of technologies and platforms.

Our Approach

Our Web Application Penetrating Testing involves simulation of real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities and threats to the web application. Our assessment methodology is based on recognized best practices defined by international standards such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Web Application Security Consortium (WASC).

Our team initiates the penetration testing process by understanding the security requirements and identifying the critical assets. Once the baseline is defined, we use a hybrid approach that involves a combination of manual and automated tools to ensure complete application coverage.

Automated tools are utilized to identify technical vulnerabilities, while manual techniques are employed to identify the business logic vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives.

A combination of manual techniques and automated tools are employed to identify technical and business logic vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives. Based on the analysis of the identified vulnerabilities, a Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Report is then prepared, which includes an impact rating and concrete recommendations for remediation.

Advantage of iFactory

  • Cost effective solutions for your security testing needs
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Security Testing
  • In-house developed Frameworks & mature processes for high-quality deliverable