Security Code Review

As organizations and customers are shifting towards an online-based business, the need for security and data confidentiality has become crucial. Security vulnerabilities often originate at the code level. Performing a rigorous code review can therefore help you evaluate your application’s security architecture and identify insecure codes and security flaws during the development phase.

Security code review helps businesses to estimate risks in the eventuality of an attack or data breach. It helps you eliminate vulnerabilities at an early stage, enhance code effectiveness and reduces application maintenance costs and overall development cost.

At iFactory, a team of certified security testing professionals apply a combination of manual techniques and automation tools to identify and remediate insecure code, vulnerabilities and potential application backdoors. We help you improve the overall security and quality of your application, to prevent loss of sensitive data and hence credibility.

Our robust security code review services help you accelerate review timelines and enhance cost-effectiveness of the security verification process.

Our Approach

We follow a stringent assessment methodology based on the international best practices and guidelines specified by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten Project and OWASP Code Review Guide, Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) and SANS.

Our team reviews the application security architecture and develops custom rules. We meticulously review the code, both manually and using automation tools, from a developer’s perspective to identify flaws in design and programming and vulnerable programming constructs and functions.

We assess the identified vulnerabilities and back doors thoroughly to eliminate false positive results. Our team also prepares an in-depth report with the identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to fix the code, mitigate risks, and improve cyber security early in the development phase, so that you can generate maintenance savings and reduce development costs.

Advantage of iFactory

  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Security Testing
  • Domain agnostic code review
  • Experience in both manual and automated code review
  • Implementation of international best practices like OWASP Code Review Guide, WASC and SANS