Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile applications are proving to be indispensable and successful tools to enhance user engagement and customer retention. As the user base is shifting to mobile applications, malicious users are also shifting their target to mobile devices.

iFactory’s mobile penetration testing solutions enables organizations to demonstrate the exploitability of Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows applications. Our team of security test experts, with their in-depth expertise, leverage the in-house framework, industry standard tools and best practices, and real-world attack techniques, to effectively identify business critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance.

Your mobile application security assessment evaluates security controls across different application tiers such as:

  • Data storage
  • Data leakage
  • Sensitive information disclosure
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Server side controls
  • Endpoint security

Our Approach

At iFactory we adopt an integrated approach that combines the strengths of manual penetration testing, jail breaking technology and mobile platform appropriate tools to identify security risks before they are exploited.

We begin with the discovery process to understand your application functionality. We then create test data sheets based on best practices regulated by international standards like Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Following that, we utilize mobile platform specific tools to identify vulnerabilities and conduct successful exploitation. Upon completion, our mobile test team prepares a comprehensive report, including the identified vulnerabilities and risk levels, along with recommendations to mitigate security risks in your application.

Advantage of iFactory

  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Security Testing
  • Security testing for Native and Hybrid applications
  • Security testing across platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Implementing industry standards like OWASP, SANS, etc.