Applications Performance Testing

Organizations rely on Applications to support business critical functions and efficiently handle business challenges. Effective solutions give businesses a competitive edge, as they are scalable and customizable to evolving business needs. Minor performance and scalability issues can cause a negative impact on the ROI and business productivity. iFactory’s Performance Testing solutions for all applications have been designed to address this very need.

iFactory provides end-to-end performance testing to ensure reliability, performance and quality of various applications and to identify, remediate end-end performance bottlenecks (before going live and/or prior to any upgrades) or configuration changes. Our domain expertise & experience enables us to deliver the quality, speed & cost effective solutions required for such applications.

Our Performance Testing for Applications include:

  • Performance benchmarking
  • Load and Stress testing
  • Performance impact assessment for Software and Hardware upgrades

Advantage iFactory

  • Core expertise in ERP and CRM solutions
  • Experience in popular performance testing tools
  • Infrastructure to emulate large-size test user loads
  • Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Performance Testing