Application Performance Monitoring

Complexity of IT landscape is rapidly increasing and more & more servers, applications, databases are being added to an organization’s infrastructure. While this is all a good sign of a growth, it’s definitely becoming a nightmare for infrastructure/DevOps teams to monitor health and performance of all the business critical applications/servers and is also constant source of worry for CIO/CTOs. Infrastructure optimization, potential downtimes and impact on business revenue and market share are always on top of the mind of CIO/CTOs.

The traditional monitoring (that involves checking the overall health of servers and resources utilization) doesn’t work anymore in the new digital transformation era. Why?

  • Traditional monitoring just gives health of servers, but lacks the business context while reporting the server health issues.
  • It does not tell what Users are experiencing.
  • It’s a Reactive monitoring which reports the issue post its occurrence and doesn’t really help in such business scenarios where few seconds slowness translates to loss of a few millions in revenue.
  • Lack of deeper insights increases the time for root cause analysis and resolution.

The New Age Application Monitoring Tools have been solving the above issues andprovides the following advantages:

  • Application Performance Monitoring & Analytics that monitors Applications, Logs and Business transactions.
  • Server Health Monitoring within business context.
  • Real User Monitoring & Synthetic Monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Analytics for correlating the Application Performance with Business & Revenue Impact.

Our Application Performance Monitoring Services includes:

  • APM Consulting and Tool Feasibility Study APM Implementation
  • 24 X 7 Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Performance Issues Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis