Web Services Testing

Web services are loosely coupled, autonomous units of business logic which enable client applications to access specific functions in your application over the web. Web services provide extensive flexibility and cost advantage.

However, they come with a price. Each new web service connection added to the mix, introduces another point of risk in a business workflow. Moreover, Web services do not have pre-emptive input data validation, which means that invalid data is not averted.

Our Web service testing solutions have been designed to address this need. We carry out comprehensive testing to ensure that the services comply with the business requirements and deliver value from the end user perspective.

iFactory’s dedicated team of Web Service Test engineers, leverage their rich expertise using industry standard tools, such as SoapUI to effectively verify the proper behaviour of services across a wide array of business domains; carry out regression testing to quickly assess & validate functionality through the life cycle of service revisions; as well as interoperability testing to isolate potential interoperability issues and optimize integration effort.

If you are looking to hire functional testing experts for your testing project or want to outsource functional testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended software testing team, get in touch with iFactory today.

Our Approach

We adopt a comprehensive testing approach to streamline functionality of the web services and ensure flawless end-user experience.

Our test approach includes the following steps:

  • Analyze results – Analyze the responses stored in specified fields
  • Identify Requirements – Understand the test requirements and identify test scenarios
  • Define Test Cases – Create a set of XML files representing the test cases
  • Execute Tests – Run Tests and collect responses
  • Report Results – Provide test summary report with test results, analysis and recommendations

Web Service Testing